Origin Bridges the Gap in Scotland

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There’s no such thing as an ordinary day here at Origin.
Because we specialise in out-of-gauge, project and heavy-lift shipments, the extraordinary is our bread and butter. It will come as no surprise then, that when we were contacted about shipping an entire bridge from New Jersey in the USA to Cannich in Scotland, we jumped at the opportunity.

Cannich in Inverness-shire is home to the world’s oldest shinty club – the ancient sport that is the ancestor of modern day ice hockey. It’s also home to a 48-metre long, single carriageway, two-span Bailey bridge that is ready for retirement. McGregor Construction (Highlands), working for the Highland Council, sourced a 52-metre single-span replacement from specialist UK modular bridge supplier Retro Bridge who turned to its New Jersey based partner to design, manufacture and supply the new structure. Once the contract was agreed, the next step was to arrange transportation, and this is where Origin came in. This was a great turn-key project to get our teeth stuck into and we completed the door-to-door delivery taking care of every detail:

  • This time critical movement had to be delivered to the site in Scotland in the exact order it was to be constructed
  • Once the bridge was installed we had the task of returning the specialist launch & erection equipment used during bridge construction back to New Jersey

With so many factors in the balance, one mistake would have had a knock-on effect throughout the project, but by implementing our bespoke planning process and predicting and heading off potential problems before they arose, we were able to see it through exactly as requested: all in a day’s work for the Origin team.

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