Making the Impossible Possible!

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We’ve once again made the impossible possible. We were contacted by a customer needing a 4.96mtr high piece of oilwell equipment moving from Aberdeen to Tilbury for onward shipment to Brazil.

Our customer was told by other companies that this height couldn’t be moved by road due to bridge height restrictions and the only alternative was to move either by barge/coaster to meet the MV, or as a part charter direct from Aberdeen to Brazil.

We don’t believe in letting customers down, so we decided to investigate further. We carried out a detailed route survey including site inspection, physically measuring every bridge clearance on route between Aberdeen and Tilbury and coordinated with the respective local authorities. Once we established it was possible, we constructed a bespoke trailer bed to meet the survey requirements and finally, we successfully delivered the project.

Our perseverance saved our customer thousands in transport and freight costs.

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