Cardinal Kitchen at The Wellspring

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Next Wednesday 4th November we’re taking over The Wellspring’s kitchen to cook a 3 course meal for homeless people in Stockport.

The Wellspring is a resource centre for homeless and disadvantaged people. It’s a worthy cause that Cardinal Maritime have supported for some time now and we thought it’d be good to give their other volunteers a night off and roll our sleeves up and get into the heart of the action. The Wellspring actively engages with homeless people, providing advice and support as well as referrals into housing or supported accommodation. The staff at the centre have supported over 700 people into housing of some description. All of these people were sleeping rough on the streets of Stockport or Manchester at some time.

We would be delighted if any of our clients would like to join us. If you’re interested in helping out, please email

Cardinal Maritime has also sponsored The Wellspring as part of their 365 Campaign, which is The Wellspring’s call to local businesses to donate £365 annually to keep The Wellspring open for a nominated day each year. We nominated 6th October as that was the date of Cardinal Maritime’s Incorporation.