No Lift Too Big For Origin

We have another satisfied customer after transporting a 54 ton boiler feed water heater.

The Origin team collected the cargo from the shipper’s premises in the North West of England using a 5 axle semi low loader and re-loaded and secured it to a 40′ rolling mafi trailer in Southampton, all ready for shipment to it’s final destination in Egypt.

Another fine example of what Origin Logistics can do.

Origin Saves The Day

Origin has helped a customer sail 2 x 40′ flat rack containers – both loaded with identical vehicles, used for loading aircraft.

The vehicles weighed over 14 ton each and measured over 10.5mtr long and 3mtr wide/high.

The customer approached us in a bit of a panic as the cargo was under an export licence and they had been told by another agent that they couldn’t get acceptance on a ship arriving before the deadline in Korea. The customer had a penalty clause for late delivery so it was imperative that they arrived in time.

We managed to get both vehicles loaded and away even though it was said it couldn’t be done on flat racks and it was all achieved with only a few days’ notice! They will arrive one week before the deadline at destination, meaning no penalty for our customer.

All in a day’s work for Team Origin…